Me likes a pretty picture

1 you need to learn how to properly expose.
#2 you need to know how to see and manipulate the light.
#3 you need to develop and stick to a consistent post processing workflow so your customers know what to expect.
#4 either good business sense, or a good education in running a business.
#5 Persistence and perseverance. There will be slow times and you need a plan of what to do and how to market to find work.
#6 you need to accept that you will be spending more time doing office tasks than photographing, or you need to hire someone and pay them well enough to stay…or you will need to work for someone else.
#7 You need to be very good at marketing.
#8 You need good rememberable branding
#9 you need back up equipment
#10 see #9 again, it’s that important.

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